i got a present today!

Posted: 11/04/2008 in learning, life

lizzie faith was just playing all around the house while i was working… 

she just brought me a present…


mouse poop…


*sniff* *sniff*


pray for me…

pray for the mouse!

  1. heather says:

    shiver! i’m so sorry! gag gag gag! 😦

    ps i think we’ll go to here http://www.mahaskaconservation.com/index.php
    tomorrow… afternoon sometime… she said we could do a picnic… they open at 1230… we’ll hike and stuff as long as the weather holds! them we’ll see what thursday is like?! maybe the rainy days they could go to the shop!

  2. Pam Sparks says:

    ooooooooooooh, this is not good. I refuse to pray for a mouse.
    They are only cute on rubber stamps dressed up and eating chocolate! lol
    remember the house mouse stamps?!

  3. Traci says:

    I agree! Mice are only allowed as cute rubber stamps! I have the biggest fear of mice!! Praying for you!!!!!!!!!
    GAG x 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 🙂

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