it is finished

Posted: 11/05/2008 in life

i keep hoping that just maybe something will happen between now and inauguration day… like obama’s birth certificate shows up and proves he’s not a us citizen. i really felt like there would be some saving grace. but he was/ is too slick.

when my husband came to bed last night and said, it’s 300+ to 100+.

i was floored in my foggy state.


our country decided this?


what about socialism being so close to communism, didn’t they research that?!

what about mandatory health care? we can’t afford our own health care (we all know he’s not going to lower the price, or maybe you didn’t realize that), and not only that but we don’t want it! why pay thousands a year for something we don’t even use?!

what about the war? even hilary clinton agrees with mccain. we can’t just bale prematurely. what are they thinking?! you can’t start a war if you don’t plan on finishing it. then all those soldiers were killed in vain, if nothing is accomplished and pulling out prematurely would undo everything good that was done. obviously evil attacks good with vicious force.

we are undoing so much of what our forefathers worked so hard to do. they would be ashamed. 

if you haven’t noticed yet, i’m devastated with the results of the election. 


  1. mc says:

    it’s a very nervous time…what’s our world going to be like for the next 4 years. there will definitely need to be more prayers than ever.

  2. God's Gentle Nurturer says:

    All I can do is pray and trust… otherwise my insides twist and fear resides. I refuse to allow Satan to do such! GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! No matter what Obama tries to pull or accomplishes, God is still in control! AMEN! {{{{HUGS}}}} Be fervent in prayer… if there never was a time before now… NOW is definitely the time.

  3. lpflug says:

    Me too. But I know I prayed for God to put the man He wanted in the White House. I know others fasted and prayed for the same. So I have to believe that God knows what He’s doing. I expect nothing but trouble from Obama, but I expect nothing but greatness from God.

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