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Posted: 11/07/2008 in life

yesterday lizzie and i woke up early with daddy and started getting ready to spend the day in osky with gma, aunties, cousins and friends. it was a fun busy day! we spent the most time playing with henry and auntie amanda. super fun! lizzie is still learning how to play with other kiddos. henry is SO good at playing with her, i think it overwhelms her. so what does that mean, more trips to osky! 🙂 

this is nuts! yesterday we spent a relaxing afternoon at the park with some friends! and today when we ran an errand and went to the post office, lizzie had her snow boots on (so i didn’t have to put socks on her – it’s a pain!), scarf, hat and winter coat. she was NOT happy to be so bundled. she’ll get used to it i’m sure. but still, we were just at the park yesterday playing outside comfortably with light sweaters on. shwoo! what a switch!

this afternoon we are headed to k to grocery shop. what a miserable day to go, and without eric! 😛 what was thinking!? oh well! i just might not make it to hallmark and hidden treasures since it’s so miserably windy… we’ll see! maybe it will miraculously die down for me! *sigh* this wind reminds me, it’s time for plastic over the windows. oh to have a new house NOW! *sigh* someday! i’m getting the see-through plastic this year so i don’t get sooo depressed like the last few. hopefully that will help us both! 

last night was so relaxing. eric folded 2 loads of laundry, put the sheets on the bed AND made me supper! i know, what’s the deal!? 😉 he’s a nice guy!! lizzie played, while i knitted and watched iron man. good movie!! it was so refreshing to be spoiled! now, how to spoil him tonight… hmmm hmmm any ideas?!