knitters? anyone?! anyone!

Posted: 11/09/2008 in knitting, life

our church recently launched a new ministry, the knit w.i.t.s. (wrapped in the spirit). i’ve been heading it up with another gal in our church.

we had a great kick off two months ago, then i missed our second meeting to greet my sister, bil and their new son at the airport after adopting their son from ukraine (kinda important!), our next meeting is next thursday night at 7pm.

i’m feeling like i lost my momentum!  i absolutely hate that in myself. i know everything goes in stages etc, but really?! now is not a good time to lose my ambition in this area! i haven’t knitted a prayer wrap (aka prayer shawl) in a couple months now.

i have been working on a baby blanket for a friend of mine and just completed it a few days ago. once i finished that i started immediately into another baby project and also started a scarf for lizzie and i have a pattern for a winter bonnet i wanted to start and complete this week too. on top of planning two parties for eric’s birthday (one at our house and one at mom’s), making 6 pies and 2 lasagnas! cleaning the house, working, oh yea, i still have to work at church this week (;)), and take care of lizzie, be a good wife and cook all the meals! 


i just got a phone call from a gal who needs a wrap given to someone SOON! our goal, as a group, is to have a basket of wraps available at all times… we just haven’t accomplished that yet! 😦 i’m hoping i can get it all done! i’m praying god really really increases my time this week! 


p.s. anyone know how to knit?!

  1. chelsea says:

    Heather taught me but i’ve realized i’m not patient enough and not very good at it or else i’d love to help! does it have to be knitting only?? I can sure help to SEW something.. 🙂 I’d much rather sew than knit!

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