Posted: 11/13/2008 in house

we decided… 

i call the bank this morning for an appt hopefully for friday to start the loan process and such…

then the serious hunt for land begins…

here’s what we decided on


let’s start with the laundry room and master closet. that whole section will be the laundry room. the door won’t be those accordion things, it will be a normal door into a room. there will be no door leading out to the master bedroom, just one entrance to the laundry room from the hall/great room.
the master bathroom: take the tub section of the bathroom in the top left corner and move it and switch it out with the bottom section of the master bathroom. take the toilet walls out (i don’t want pocket doors and having a mini room for the toilet isn’t a priority for me). then the top left hand corner section that was the side of the bathroom with the tub, is now the closet. make sense?? 
there is no pantry in this floor plan. i did want a pantry. my mom has a cupboard pantry that looks like a refrigerator only one door instead of a freezer door and fridge door. so i’m considering one of those. (also something i could add later if we are tight on a budget – which we are!) that pantry cupboard would go to the right of the refrigerator – which cuts into our dining room space. i’m just not sure i love the idea… 
the little room that says (WH) in a circle is the water heater and storage room. that will be in the basement. i think that space will be divided up between the bathroom and the closet. we originally wanted a “garden tub” and a stand up shower in the corner, so moving the water heater downstairs would leave room for a tub… mmm so many options! i just think i want that tub for labor!!!
there will be a full basement. the basement will be unfinished for now. later the basement will be our school room, eric and i’s hobby rooms, playroom, guest bedroom. in the mean time, right when we move in, we are thinking one of the bedrooms will be our hobby room and the school room – well, we just don’t need it yet, lizzie will only be 2. LOL 
i have sad news!! no baby til the house is done. 🙂 i think i’m ok with that. i can’t imagine building a house (or eric building us a house and me helping) while i am stuck home with a 2 year old and a newborn. AHHHH! at least right now, lizzie can play while we work some evenings and also play with aunt’s and grammy’s. 
please see this as an invitation to state your opinions! i’m forming mine now, sooo if you want any chance to change my decisions, now is the time. LOL 
so you are dying to know what the outside looks like aren’t you. 🙂 
  1. traci says:

    What about doing the pantry cupboards to the left of the stove(like straight across from the sink) My unprofessional thought would be having pantry on the right of the fridge would block the open view coming in from the patio idk??? I think it was you that despise islands with sinks, I was going to suggest that(and take out bar) and put pantry where sink currently is lol Or having the bar/island closed underneath would give you more cupboard space. haha yeah idk

  2. breanna says:

    oh traci, you are on to something! what if we put the sink in the part that just loops, like facing out to the great room (i like that idea!) and then putting the pantry cupboard to the left of the fridge??!! i would want to move my dishwasher too to be near the sink. i’m doing that now, taking dirty dishes across the room to put in the washer and getting the floor wet and dirty. yuck!
    i’ll have to ask eric what he thinks.

  3. aj says:

    hmmm or make the patio door one door and put a cupboard on both sides of the door?? If you move the sink and put a cupboard then you move the window. Something to consider for the outside view too. Oh the joys of building 🙂

  4. Pam Sparks says:

    I’m so happy for you!!! you have great help here!!! *smile*

  5. mc says:

    this is so exciting! 🙂

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