outside picture of the house

Posted: 11/13/2008 in house, pictures

the house will look like this! 



ok, no funny roofy “eaves” thing in the middle of the garage, right above the garage door (weird!!), no window above the garage door. and no dormer (it’s fake, there’s no second floor- i want other things for that money!) and the way the right side indents – ours won’t. it will the same roof line as the main part of the house… make sense?? it won’t stair step down from the garage, the front door, and then the side room, it will be like an L shape, the garage will be the bottom of the L and the whole house will be the long line of the L. (this is really hard to describe!)

if you compare the floor plans to this picture, you will notice, they aren’t the same house. 🙂 on the floor plan, the front door will be moved to the left to match this picture. that leaves more furniture options for the living room and i really like the door being off set. the garage will be a two car garage. uum ok, i think that’s it.


UPDATE! i changed my mind. (12/15/08) of course this isn’t exactly what i want it to look like. there will be a few changes. the roof line will just be one height and there won’t be a window/space between the porch and the garage. more than likely the stone part of the porch will be EIFS just an accent color or something. this house makes me feel all warm and yummy inside! i can’t wait to say it’s mine and live in it! 



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