Posted: 11/20/2008 in life

what a gloomy day… 

it doesn’t help that i have the blinds closed since i’m not even near getting into the shower yet… 

lizzie seems to feel better. i still feel like i am going to get a full blown virus any second. i hate it when it lingers. wish i could just knock it! 

we have knit wits tonight. should be fun! meeting lynne at 6pm and the meeting starts at 7pm. i hope lizzie is good. i had planned on eric keeping her but he has a meeting at 6:30. :S  i am sure i’ll finish before him… oh well! next time hopefully he can keep her. 

the house is a toy disaster! i feel like a terrible mom. definitely haven’t been able to give her 100% this week. currently she’s watching veggietales while i zone out for 20 min… i’m working on a surprise for christmas, so i guess my zone out time isn’t completely unproductive.  😛

you guys are all being extra productive to make up for my unproductiveness, right?! thank you! i owe you!


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