j. vernon mcgee

Posted: 11/20/2008 in books, hubby, life

do ya know who i’m talking about?? ok if not, click here

my hubby loves listening to his preaching on his mp3 player while he is working. 

last night while we were trying to drift to sleep, he is quoting j. vernon mcgee. (please do click above and listen to the way he talks and picture my husband doing a perfect impersonation!)

mcgee says that he doesn’t get how people say, “that car is sexy” etc. and he says, “i tell you what is sexy, the word of God is sexy”. (not a direct quote) it cracks me up every time!! this 80 yr old guy talking about how the Bible is sexy! shwoo! it’s great!

sometime ago eric found this website where you can download mcgee preaching verse by verse about each of the books in the Bible. my hubby LOVES listening to preaching directly from the Bible. he gets frustrated because people call studies “Bible Studies” when they are actually studying books, like The Five Love Languages or something and not studying the Bible at all. (not to say those books aren’t biblical, they are, maybe, but they aren’t the Bible…)

back on track. 

this morning, i’m brainstorming trying to think of something nice i could do for eric. he had laid a magazine out with a commentary by mcgee he wanted me to look up and find cheaper online for someone to get him for christmas. so i did that. and found it for 60% less than what the magazine was selling it for. WOOHOO! 

then i realize he wants ALL of the books of the Bible so he can listen to them. (he only has 1 peter right now) and the reason he didn’t download more is because we only had my old laptop at the time and it couldn’t hold squat. 

i started downloading the whole thing! i have the old testament all downloaded and burning to a dvd right now (for him to put into his computer and transfer onto mp3 player) and the new testament started downloading – should all be complete (burned to a dvd) in a couple hours. i’m so excited! i hope he’s surprised when he comes home. (i was going to save it til christmas, but i just can’t! i’m too excited!)

i’m feeling like a good lil wifey today! i’m even baking crispy chicken with potato wedges and corn. YUM! now off to pick up toys while liz is sleeping. 🙂 


  1. Shonya says:

    Hmmm, that sounds interesting, I’ll have to check him out. I kwym regarding calling a ‘book discussion’ a ‘Bible study’. I felt the same way about Helpmeet. You may have noticed me calling it a ‘book discussion’ vs. calling it a Bible study b/c that’s always been a pet peeve of mine, too. Good job on thinking of the hubby!

  2. Steve says:

    I like your idea of downloading the entire 5-year study. I personally listen to the broadcast via iTunes. That way I keep moving through the Bible at the same pace as the on the air program.

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