excited, nervous, anxious, curious, scared…

Posted: 11/22/2008 in house, life

eric met with the owner of the lumber yard this morning and they worked on a quote for everything that we can buy from them. several items we aren’t buying from them, if we can we will. they bring in work and contacts for the guys a lot so i want to keep as much business here as possible – at the same time, i’m blessed with all kinds of resources from my bil and dad.


the quote was very encouraging. he put a price on the house of what it would cost the average person (including labor, etc.) to build the house. the bank will give us 80% of the assessed value of the home and land and then the other 20% has to be paid at the closing of the loan as the down. at this point, if that figure is right we are sitting good – not having to put a down on this house! WOOHOO! (because we will actually spend less than the 80% assessed value of the home to build it)

today we need to go grocery shopping… AND we’re going to home depot to price stuff. 🙂 i have several quotes to go off of for pricing. eric has a few phone calls to make this week and paperwork with the bank to finish and then we’ll know so much more! but today, i want to look at kitchen cabinet designs, appliance paint, bathroom stuff, light fixtures and faucets. 🙂 

i’m very excited! i feel so blessed! i am actually glad we have waited this long to build. i think this is a great time in our lives to be building. i’m so glad eric can do the majority of the work himself. we will be contracting out: digging the whole, running the drain piping, water lines, sewer lines, and partial furnace and ac – but everything else we (aka the guys) are doing ourselves. it will be so much work! ya know what i’m thinking – i will really have to be on the ball with my housework and such. i will be cooking for anyone who helps out etc. i will have my own hands full, besides helping in the areas i can… i’ve been praying for 3 years for eric and i’s marriage during building a home – it’s going to be trying! but, i’m ready!

  1. aj says:

    Oh I am SO excited. It wasn’t so bad on our marriage really, the only time we disagreed on anything was when we planted the trees. The adoption was harder, I also thinking parenting can fall in that category. Although it is much more rewarding then building a house. Anyway all that to say you will be fine and so exciting another step closer.

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