Posted: 11/24/2008 in house

i’m really struggling with furniture. 

i want a headboard for our bed.

night-stands for our bed.

a headboard/bed for lizzie.

a dining room table. (seats 10-12 with leaves)

all before the new house or right before we move in. 


next thing – with what money!? i decided to look online and see if there were any hidden stores that had great deals on furniture. i think we can all agree, furniture is over priced. 😛 

here’s what i found. check it out. tell me what you think. do you think it’s for real? eric has an aunt and uncle that live in the kansas city area and they will be here for thanksgiving. i’m going to ask them if they’ve heard of this store – and if so or if not, thinking maybe they can check it out for us?! then if it’s all they say it is online – maybe a trip to kansas city with a truck is on the calendar. check out the prices!!!

ashford extension table

Ashford 2 Piece China

i’m not sure if i want the bench or just chairs. regardless the size of the table, we are going to have to have an additional table set up in the living room. our family (on both sides) is growing rapidly and one table just won’t fit everyone! i like this black rustic style a lot. i’m considering this kitchen cabinet style too – i bet i’ll go with my original cabinet choice though! i don’t want everything to be black! did you see that the chairs are only $67 a piece, the table $313, and the bench $130. if you know furniture, you know this is a STEAL! all the other ones i have found online are in the $1,500 PLUS category!  

for 6 chairs, one bench, one table totals: $848! that is unreal! or with 8 chairs and table it’s $853. this would seat 8 or so depending on if there were children on the bench or adults. 

carlsbad queen headboard

Carlsbad Full/Queen Panel Headboard

a headboard for ONLY $100. seriously!? is this for real?????

night stands to match headboard

$115 WOW! (headboard and 2 night stands: total $330)

a bed for lizzie

Cottage Retreat Twin Poster Bed

$275!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! 


doesn’t this sound too good to be true???! i printed off this pass to buy in their showroom so we wouldn’t have to pay shipping. this is just so unreal to me. i’m so excited!!

tell me, what do you think???!

  1. Jenni says:

    that is a steal! And it looks like good furnture too! I say it is worth investigating more….Good Luck!!!!!

  2. breanna says:

    my aunt suggested nebraska furniture mart. so i went to their website and searched. they didn’t have the exact table and chairs, head board, or bead for lizzie but i did look to see if they have anything similar – nope! and these guys’ price far surpassed nebraska furniture mart. UNREAL! because they have GOOD prices!
    thanks for the suggestion!!

  3. Chelsea says:

    My cousin works for the furniture store, Artis, in DSM as the furniture repair man and he calls Ashley, “Trashley”.. And another lady that worked at mcgregors agreed too when i mentioned that.. So i don’t know if I’d get Ashley furniture.. lol I THINK they use cheap stuff and not as sturdy like other furnitures..

  4. I might be the only person to say this, but we had a really bad experience with Nebraska Furniture Mart. They dropped the bed off but brought incorrect parts so there was no headboard the first time around. The second time around they brought a headboard but no support beams. The third time they brought support beams but they were the wrong size. *sigh* We decided that while their prices were great, their efficiency wasn’t and it ultimately wasn’t worth the discounted prices of their items.

    In saying all of that, I REALLY like these furniture pieces! To break up the monotony and incorporate various textures, have you considered making your own headboard? It’s really easy and I can direct you to a website that gives an easy-to-understand tutorial. Also, do you have a Goodwill around you? Each payday, after I’ve redirected my budget to pay the bills and any necessary savings, I go to Goodwill. I find something in a shape I like and in good condition and then take it home and repaint it. You were mentioning table lamps; I found a matching pair in ivory with beige lampshades from crate & barrel for $4.95 each…no joke. Something to think about!

    And, if I were you (which I’m not but let’s pretend I am for just a moment), I would go with the bench. It’s sooo cute and family-oriented. 🙂 It makes me happy just looking at it.

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