Posted: 11/24/2008 in learning, life, lizzie faith, parenting

i’ve been training since day one…

lately i’ve felt the strong need to step it up! 

so i go looking for some stuff to read to gain some wisdom from the wise!

this just nailed it on the head, don’t ya think?! (raising godly tomatoes

Four Trouble Spots
I know your urge is to skip right to the “how to” section of this book, but please pause here for a few minutes first—I’ll try to keep it short—and take time to ponder a few of the problems I run into over and over again as I speak to parents about their families. Failures in parenting today can frequently be traced to the following four underlying areas: (1) what your priorities are, (2) what your beliefs in regard to authority are, (3) how willing you are to separate your children from the world, and (4) your willingness to reject worldly parenting theories and adopt biblical principles and godly standards instead.


i say i’m FINE with standing out! i do not struggle with it at all! oh but that is a lie! i do! it may not seem like i do, but i do. when i nurse in public (very discretely) but they are startled by my still nursing a 14 month old or pulling out my remedies when she falls down a few stairs, or when i refuse candy because i choose not to eat candy or feed it to liz, or i bring our own food to eat, OR i chose to train.

this is tough stuff.

life changing. 

everyday choices.

hard choices.

this requires me to be consistent (something i struggle with deeply), to not be lazy, to be diligent, to stay focused on the long term, etc. 

pray for me! this is a new phase in parenthood and i’m nervous.


  1. Chelsea says:

    I hear ya! i’m struggling with that too… Ppl cant seem to get why I feed my son only certain things and still give me the.. “OMG look”.. I hate it! Last year at Thanksgiving was a bad deal as ppl was trying to feed Carson stuff that I didn’t approve and I felt like i had to be a watch dog for Carson when he was walking around other ppl, I even mentioned a few things but I was still getting looked at like I was an idiot and trying to be all about control.. This year we will be having Thanksgiving with the Doaks for the first time. A lil bit nervous about how ppl are gonna react to that when they discover i didn’t go to my gma’s this year.. :S

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