burp cloths

Posted: 11/25/2008 in pictures

so friends and my sister have been making burp cloths. how fun!! so of course, i want to too!!!! so i got google searching for what ideas are out there for making burp cloths. look what i found!! i think this is my favorite! i love the photography and the colors!

 sherbet series


this one is at my lilypads.com

We've Got You Covered Burp Cloths

love love love these edges! at homemadebyjill.blogspot.com

so after i clean out the closets, get all the cmas decorations up – oh and first things first, make three pies, one salad, one snack to share, and pack us for two days away from home this week, THEN i’ll get the sewing machine out and make some!!!!!!! 🙂 

  1. heather says:

    i love the edges too… so I bought the $5 a yard flannel from VDL (fabric store) and it’s pretty thick… i was hoping to get away with ONE layer! it will be summer! and I don’t have major vomiters so…… i think one layer is fine… i’m going to look for ribbon tomorrow… catch up on laundry and wash all my new goodies in HOT WATER and IRON them again! :P~ my least favorite part! but it’ll be done so that’s good!
    see you sat.

  2. Pam Sparks says:

    you are so ambitious…I remember doing all that too! VERY FUN! Does my heart good to see you sewing! hehe

  3. Chelsea says:

    We will have to come up with a time when its convenient for all of us and make something! that’d be fun! Cant wait to see how everything turns out on Thursday.

  4. Shonya says:

    Very, very cute–but I have to admit I’m just lazy! My four children have been stuck using tea towels, cloth diapers, or burp rags that were handed down from someone else.

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