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walmart + black friday = death

Posted: 11/28/2008 in life

this is pathetic! nothing comes before people; nothing!!!!! 

maybe this is my new reason for not shopping on black friday… how sad!

content; almost.

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the final pumpkin pie is baking.

2 closets sorted through and reorganized. 

3 loads of laundry are complete (1 almost complete).

church copying and etc. done. 

christmas decorations brought in.

sort through above.

laid out and ready for the tree.

put christmas presents in boxes ready to be wrapped.

table, countertops, floor cleaned off.

dishwasher working diligently.

a tired babe watching wiggles.

now. what to pack for tomorrow. 


i’m tired.


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i have high hopes. to find this perfect tree at home depot this afternoon. think i’ll be able to find it!? (remembering that they are tied up and you can’t actually see them! kinda like picking blind! i can dream though, right!?) 

A Quality Fraser Fir premium or perfect tree.