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Posted: 12/05/2008 in sign language

so i’m needing a stay-at-home-job.

i have one now – but won’t for much longer.

not into in home daycares.

i cry.

i go through my list of skills i have (which feels like nothing in this depressed state). 

i’m still brainstorming.

what do you think about sign language lessons/classes (similar to piano lessons or weekly 2 hour night classes)?

i’m thinking there are tons of resources out there that i could tap into for assistants. i have lots of resources from college. i feel i could teach ASL (american sign language) and CASE (conceptually signed english).

i think i would need a month to get plans developed, curriculum finalized and then i’d be ready for students.

you are thinking: small town…

i know! i thought the same thing! but ya know skype??? video skype! it’s free! you need a computer, a camera and highspeed. most everyone has that these days right?!

now for night classes: well that poses a bit of a problem. all the larger rooms i know of aren’t available for these types or things…  night classes might have to wait until my new house and a big dining room table/school room. 

one more thing: what’s a fair charge for a 30 min weekly sign language lesson or a 2 hr weekly (for 1 month or 2 months: offered quarterly, like beginner, intermediate, advanced, fluent, etc.)? this would be available for all ages… are any of you or your kids taking piano lessons – if so feeling free to tell me how much you pay? you can comment anonymously! 

i’ll keep praying! just cuz this is my first real idea, doesn’t mean it’s the best or what God has in mind. but just having an idea lifts my spirits a bit! 



Posted: 12/05/2008 in life

i don’t know why i haven’t been able to blog.

i’ve had ample free-time at the computer. more than usual since we’ve been sick. (we both woke up with head colds this morning – just made my day!)

i haven’t slept more than a few hours a night now for 3 nights. that leaves so much awake time that surely i would have had at least a couple divine thoughts needing to be recorded for years on a blog……. nope. 

i’m in a slump emotionally and physically. i don’t like who i am in this slump. why would i want to record it…