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Posted: 12/08/2008 in life

my toilet works now.

(WOOHOO! i’m so tired of looking at…. well you know…)

my hair dryer does not.

(thanks to the plumber!)

my toilet is clean.

(how can they (plumber) get it soooo dirty!)

my floor is clean.

(isn’t it so disrespectful not to take your muddy shoes off! my house is not perfect, but come on!)

sweat worked up.

from the above cleaning, picking up toys, doing 3 loads of laundry, making two suppers (one for some friends another for us), all in the last hour and all while carting around a 30lb fuzzy baby while doing it all.

shwoo! i’m done!!!!!!

turn around

Posted: 12/08/2008 in life

at some point some things that have been weighing on me have turned around.

a break from blogging maybe helped… maybe not. 

words are interesting. sometimes you just can’t say anything at all without bearing your soul to the world, who may not be trustworthy with such an important piece of me. 

i promise to take pictures of the christmas tree and post them. this is my favorite tree thus far. 

i got three present wrapped! woohoo! the others are in boxes ready to be wrapped. 

next week maybe i can squeeze into my mom and sister’s busy lives and make some tags to match my wrapping! i have a feeling when/if i put the presents under the tree with their temporary post-it-note tags labeled with who they go too… miss sticky fingers could have them all off or switched in under 5 secs flat! can you imagine! lol permanent tags are a must.