oh my “land” ta

Posted: 12/09/2008 in house

we’ve had some exciting progress in the last day. 

i’m thrilled. 

we haven’t purchased the land. but we have it “plotted” out and have made a few defining decisions ourselves and with the current owner. 

i heart progress! 

today, since it’s snowing and absolutely horrible outside, eric wasn’t able to work… 

we’re headed to the local lumber yard (4 blocks away) to do some price checking.

picture me with my “build our dreams” book and all of the notes and papers and pictures i have –  doing all my lovely price checking. yes, this is my idea of fun! i’m so excited!!!! until i have to spend the money, then i’ll be stressin! 

we are thinking very seriously about doing the insulated concrete forms for the whole exterior frame of the house. this eliminates all the wood and the time to “stick building” the frame, the insulation, the sheathing for the exterior and the house wrap. we planned on using icf for the basement but eric started thinking about doing the frame above ground (to the trusses) this way and we really like the idea. it will cost more now, but having concrete walls will make this house so safe for tornados and storms, as well as super energy efficient. this will go so much quicker than the guys stick building the frame of the house. they will only be framing the interior walls. how totally awesome is that! and the exterior is all ready for dad to do his EIFS wonder since the icf is foam – which eliminates one step of the EIFS process (like stucco but not). it just seems like it makes sense to do this!!! 

i feel one step closer today. yesterday i felt 3 steps back… *sigh* what a journey! and it’s only just begun!


  1. Chelsea says:

    How exciting! Cant wait til its my turn to be able to do that! I’ll have to ask alex what icf is and some other terms you used.. 😉 I’m sure it’ll be easier to explain in person instead of typing it out explaining what it is.. i guess i could Google it.. sometimes i forget that’s even available.. Glad its going better for ya! I should be off the computer but i got on my blog to see what i had listed to do today.. lol

  2. traci says:

    Congrats! Decisions, Decisions…you will have so many ahead of you! I’m sure we’ll read all about it 😛

  3. Pam Sparks says:

    woohoo! chug, chug! I hear the wheels turning! love that sound!
    so happy for you!

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