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Posted: 12/10/2008 in house, life

i’ve learned to not only to live with what i have but be happy with what i have, for right now. contentment doesn’t mean i don’t ever want something different, it just means i’m fine where i am at right now, as i work hard to progress to something else.i am very thankful for this home and it’s cheap rent. 🙂 

today has been a tough day in this area. 

i broke a glass. knocked it right off the counter. the glass hit on the kitchen linoleum flooring but the glass went everywhere and the glass dropped just a few inches from my lovely shag carpet. i was soooo frustrated! i had to get out the vacuum, put water in it, get the hose hooked up, plugged in, attachment on, and suck away on my hands and knees. the carpet took forever to clean up. still i feel like there has to be micro pieces of glass in the carpet. i hate this! you know how you can vacuum your carpet daily and still have gross vacuum water… am i just ocd or does that bother you too??? 

i had debated on not doing the central vac to save an easy thousand, but after that – i really want to cut something else our of the house plan! i want to be able to sweep it right down that thing in the floor/cabinet base that sucks! 

a major major pro to our new house. all bamboo flooring + no carpet = no grossness!


Posted: 12/10/2008 in house

so it’s feeling for-real.

we have an appointment with one bank in 2 days. *sigh* 

if i were wearing boots, i would be shaking in them. 

a hair appointment and a bank appointment – in one week, can i handle it?! 😉