Posted: 12/10/2008 in house

so it’s feeling for-real.

we have an appointment with one bank in 2 days. *sigh* 

if i were wearing boots, i would be shaking in them. 

a hair appointment and a bank appointment – in one week, can i handle it?! 😉

  1. Jenni says:

    prayers for you!

  2. stampit74 says:

    what a fun saying! you are somethin’ else daughter! Where did you come from! lol I thank God for you everyday! really!
    take some emotional support…drink the stuff! lol
    sorry, I shouldn’t pick on you, but you make me laugh…
    our little entrepreneur shakin’ in her boots… hehe
    this is preparing you for when Lizzie is upper grade school age and wants to make business cards!

  3. MC says:

    hehe…had to laugh, you put fo-rizzle-izzle…hehe…that’s funny! 🙂 can’t say i’d ever thought that you would use that phrase! 🙂

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