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Posted: 12/14/2008 in life

today’s agenda was BLANK! then reality hit. if i don’t work today then tomorrow will be horrible trying to catch up. i’ll be crabby and frustrated. is that worth taking today “off”… nope! so i started in the kitchen, got that whipped back into shape. got the table a bit more organized… ended with the toys (literally throwing them in their designated corners, so it’s not done WELL but it is done and we can walk without dying or screaming out in pain from stepping on the corner of a clipo block). 

this morning i worked a couple hours on somethings for my work work (what i get paid money to do)  and then off to church. lizzie was very low maintenance at church today, which was a much need “break”. 

apple pie is on my list to make today. mmm doesn’t that just sound so yummy!!! lizzie loves it too so it’s great snack!! (i think we should have apple pie and popcorn for supper tonight!) i don’t think i’ll do a pretty top though… 😛 just piled high with yummy apples. 

a prayer meeting and board meeting are on the agenda this afternoon for eric. this is kind of a big deal, this board meeting. i’m anxiously awaiting the results. 

2 lasagnas are also on the agenda. i either need to make them (for eric’s cousin who just had a baby: it’s their supper tomorrow night) today or do some extra church work today so i have time to make them tomorrow. i’m thinking do it today but i bet it doesn’t happen. 🙂 maybe i’ll get the hamburger cooked and the cheese grated today. 

these are the most boring-est posts to read, i know, i’ve read them. do you know why i write posts like these… to sit for a minute. i really don’t have time to sit for a minute today. but if i sit and write about what i need to be doing or what i will do, then it feels like the sit-for-a-minute is legitimized. 

on top of all of this, my sinuses are freaking out and my head is throbbing. lovely!