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Posted: 12/15/2008 in lizzie faith

lizzie faith has really been working on her chattering. 

she likes to say “yersh” (yes) and “wit” (what). i believe those are her favorite words. 

today i asked her if she turns to mush when uncle anthony looks at her and she said, “yersh” and i said why and she said “cuuuuuz”. ROFL i died! it was soooo clear and soooo hilarious! she seriously does though. she stared at him at church yesterday and he’d look at her and she’d burying herself in my shoulder or daddy’s…. so funny! 

of course she still blabs and blabs and i just wonder what on earth is she saying.

the other day eric was vacuuming his room so he walked back and forth a few times getting everything back there  (i was knitting in the ‘fat boy’ – which is a REALLY big recliner chair we have) and lizzie faith was his pint size shadow following him everywhere he went. she would come out here and “report” to me whatever was happening back there, and rush back to see what was going on. she’s such a good helper!

another funny: when i go to change her diaper (which she has attempted to fight off since she was 2 hours old) she will reach her hands out, like “hug me!” so i will bend over the changing table and give her a hug, she’ll wrap her arms around my neck sooo tight and not let go. i giggle, she giggles, i press my wiggly nose into her neck and make her burst out in laughter and she still holds on as tight as she can until i pry off. i know she is just trying to weasel out of a diaper change. what a trick lil lady! wonder if she does this to daddy and it works… hmmm

she has really opened up in the last few weeks/month. *sigh* makes a mommy torn!