lizzie, my love

Posted: 12/19/2008 in family, learning, life, lizzie faith, parenting


lizzie. my love,

oh how grown up you are. you are so very smart. you watch your daddy and i do something once and you got it all figured out and copy us like a pro. 

it was just yesterday, i’m sure, that you were just a few hours old and we cuddled on the couch in the dark while daddy cleaned up the mess you made coming into this world. (the first of lots-o-messes. i had no idea what this meant then!) since then we’ve spent a lot of time together, getting to know each other. learning what it means to be a momma and a daughter. 

i want you to know. everyday i love you more than the day before and i can not understand how this is possible. there is no way i could love you more tomorrow – i love you to the edge of the moon and back today!

i love the way you pat my back and nuzzle your head in my neck when i pick you up. i love the way you lean in for kisses. you are a pro at blowin kisses! even walmart cashiers get kisses! i love the love-noises you make when we are rubbing noses or smooshing foreheads.  i love your red hair. i love that you have to be in the middle of everything i’m doing. i love that you have to close every door that is open and every drawer that is ajar must be closed instantly. you are seriously going to drive me nuts, aren’t you! 😉 i love that your preference is always to cuddle. i love that you love my cooking (and daddy loves that my pizza is your favorite!). i can not imagine this christmas without you in my life. you are my joy, elizabeth faith, my pure joy. everything i do, i do for you and your benefit knowing that it is what is best for you today or tomorrow. 

i {heart} you lots my chicken noodle!


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