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sickly sickly

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so we’ve still got a bug. poor lizzie faith is still coughing and still has a runny nose. this is not fun! functional, yes, good for her, no! so we will be staying home and keepin it mello until christmas and then we’ll kick it into over-drive. i just want to try and get this licked before christmas. i was sick with the worst migraine i have ever experienced in my life last christmas day and well, i’m just ready to celebrate christmas this year! 

shwoo! what a day! some was fun!! the most excitement i’ve had all week and then there was the not so fun part!

i had a sudden onset of some crud tonight. but a friendly phone call or two later, a few charcoal (in capsules of course) later, i’m good to go! and keepin supper down! woot woot!

i am bummed about missing church tomorrow. tomorrow is our youth minister’s last day. there is a farewell lunch after church in honor of them. too bad! 😦 but lizzie faith and her well being, well they are just my numero uno… i’ll have to turn the radio on and sing at the top of my lungs to those christmas songs instead… lizzie will still have lots of events to wear her christmas’ dresses too (everyday wednesday thru saturday to be exact). she has already worn her two dresses to church this month. i say, if the tree is up, the christmas dresses are out! 🙂 

poor thing is supper fussy! time to go to bed!

merry christmas!



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ok i promise! i’ll stop posting videos now!

don’t say

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my husband is still leary  about having a large family. but, i lean more towards it everyday! 🙂 this could potentially be me in a few years!! lol