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can they be converted?

Posted: 12/21/2008 in learning, life

i don’t know how many times i’ve put normal non rechargeable batteries on the charger to recharge. do they convert? nope! i’ve tried. too many times to count. they don’t recharge. just seep black goo. 

my camera is still dead. 2 days later. gr!


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blogs are funny.

i go in spurts where i share everything but my bm schedule and then suddenly, i can’t speak at all. 

i’m feeling like i’m finally coming out of it. 

every time i sit down to the computer and think, i want to blog, it’s like walking into a party all alone with all the popular kids there. this feeling has really thrown me for a loop. since this is my blog, my words, my feelings, my comfort zones. i’m still trying to shake it, but i feel like the process has at least begun. 

it’s inevitable, isn’t it. it’s like she knows… and thinks… “must have shiner for christmas pictures this week”. she was walking and tripped on NOTHING and hit her eyebrow and cheek bone on a chair leg. *sigh* i put renew on it and i gave her two remedies and it has completely gone down. it was forming into a nice lil egg on her eyebrow. now it’s just a bit red. WOOHOO homeopathics! yay you! 🙂 mark my words; she’ll try again for that shiner! and like super mom i’ll whip out my remedies! 

so this week. i am working monday and tuesday and that is it. i normally work seven days a week to get everything done. the main insert for the bulletin is ready. the second insert is completed and being proofed and just needs copied. the bulletin is also proofed and ready to be copied. seeing a pattern? everything is ready to be copied… the copy machine was being a copy machine, DUMB! last week so i called and had is serviced. they said they fixed it. they made it WORSE, i mean WAY WORSE. once again, THEY SAID THEY FIXED IT. so currently it’s making big black blobs where ever it wants. by big, i mean a few inches wide and tall. *sigh* i wanted to be copying stuff today so the volunteers could be folding tomorrow and tuesday. *sigh* i will be calling at 8:05 tomorrow morning, (pray that i am kind, it’s only a copy machine! i chewed out the lady today! oops!) and will be STRONGLY suggesting (if you know, when i get ticked that you messed with my schedule, i don’t generally suggest anything, i tell you what to do!) that they come and service it at 8:06!!! it won’t happen. so please pray for some other miracle! 😛 

on the work front, everything else seems to be going quite well. i have a few things to do tomorrow and tuesday besides the above paragraph but nothing overwhelming or too much.

all the presents are wrapped and under the tree. now i just have a couple pizzas to make (for thursday), a crockpot of chicken noodle soup (for saturday), 2 apple pies (maybe just one, we’ll see; for wednesday and saturday), and 2 cheese balls (for wednesday and friday). oofta! you should see the butter and cheese in my fridge. i have  A LOT! i had a goal of cleaning out all the closets and such so all the christmas stuff we bring home these four days will have a home, but that will totally not be happening! should have done it weeks ago when i made it a goal. silly me!


god’s humor?

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ok, so there are very few houses in lancaster that have basements underneath them; potential to grow into a bigger home without building on. of all the houses that have come up for sale there is ONE that has stuck out. it has never really been for sale though. the owner has been in the nursing home for a long time and the family wanted to wait until she passed before selling her home. 

we even called them about it and asked about buying it! they never ended up calling back. 

we decided to go ahead and build. we’d never been in this house before, no clue how much updating it would need. yes it would be a home right away and not all the remodel work in 6 months but we would for sure, no doubt, spend double if we bought and remodeled than what we would spend building. so we started plans to build, went to the bank, found land, priced everything…. 

she died. 

she did, this past week. her funeral was yesterday. 

so i imagine the house will be for sale soon. 

do we go look at it?

it’s tempting.

but it’s in town. lucy wouldn’t be free. 

when we started this whole process, i asked eric to promise me that lucy was a priority and the place we bought or built, lucy could run free all day and come home for supper and sleep locked up in her kennel. this house, well, it would be the same as it is right now. she is tied up because we are in town and i HATE all the dogs that just run free and taunt lucy and people.  

i’m still tempted. 

and thinkin.

can you believe this?! gr! the decision was easy before!

i hope to never forget

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the way lizzie faith rolled over this morning, found my face, put her’s on top of mine, literally, and wrapped her arm around my neck. as. close. as. she. possibly. could. get. 🙂 what a love!