Posted: 12/22/2008 in learning, life, spiritual growth

something has hit home again for me. 

we are called to love the unlovable. 

at first thought, i think of the homeless, the bath-less, the ones not smelling like bath and body works… ya know what i’m thinking of. 

but that’s just surface deep. it’s easy to love the above, because, well admit it, we don’t come in contact with these people very often or at all. 

i’m called to love the one(s) in my life that i find “testy” (challenges my every motive, takes every word i say and twists it, is defensive at every move, won’t look me in the eye, the one who finds me to be their testy, the one that wants to be my friend and over compensates until i want to ring their neck), i think we can all instantly think of a “testy” or two in our life. this is what loving really is. 

 it doesn’t matter how much my tithe check is, or how many hours i volunteered this week or how many meals i cooked for you while you were sick… those things are easy for me.

this is the love that will tell you if i am a christian or not. if i am loving the unlovable this intrigues you and makes you curious why i love the way i love. 


  1. Amen Breanna! This is something I struggle with as well. Thanks for reminding me of my sin, and thanks be to God for cleansing me of that sin so I may be refreshed and in constant reminder that He loves me despite my testiness, therefore I should love others in the same respect.

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