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while the apple pie is baking and smelling so yummy, i’m thinking about tomorrow… tomorrow  is our first of many christmas’. 

i’m excited. i’m excited to see how lizzie faith reacts to each of her christmas’. last year she slept through every single one! this year will be a bit more fun. i bet she zones out and just opens presents expression-less because she’s overwhelmed. she has been napping in the afternoon about the time that we will be opening presents tomorrow – so she could be really grouchy! (i’m preparing myself for whatever!) either way, it will be fun!

this is henry’s (my sister, amanda and brother-in-law, tim’s son they just adopted from ukraine) first christmas! how exciting will that be!!!! he’s 2! talk about zoning out and being overwhelmed! i’m excited to see him! last time i got to see him for just a few minutes until he HAD to be on the tractor with daddy! 🙂 i don’t blame him one bit! tractors are cooler than aunties! 🙂 i got to get a tractor!!! 

we head out to osky a lil after noon tomorrow. we’ll be back late tomorrow night, then thursday we have christmas here in town in the afternoon and evening, friday we are back in osky at my grandparents and then back home friday night with a christmas saturday at eric’s grandma’s. i’m sure i’ll be blogging and posting pictures though! 🙂 just won’t be quite as often as i have the past few days! besides, i’m sure you’ll be so busy you won’t have time to read my silly blog! 🙂 

i wish you and yours a very merry christmas! drive safe! it looks like much of the u.s. is under some nasty weather! take care and i pray that “family crud” doesn’t get in the way of really enjoying each other!!



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my afternoon attempt to warm up!


it worked!


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my mom just sent me this link. the crafty-one in me just went bananas!!!!! i mean BANANAS! i heart these so much! they make me feel tingly inside! seriously! expect to get aprons from me next year for christmas. LOL

get this! you don’t even have to wear them! my mom has this chimney wall in her kitchen and she has a couple matching aprons hanging there – totally cute! i’m so doing that in my new house! can’t you just picture it! 🙂 


note: of course i want to change a few things on these and make them me but the idea… is SUPER!

i have lots of ideas for my lizzie faith. lots of things i want for all my children… i want to homeschool them, i want them to be fluent in sign language, i want them to understand the importance of courting and choose that method of “dating” for themselves  and be grateful for it. 

one i find very important is purity. 

for my son, if i have a son, this will be such a struggle for me. such a frustration – the way girls dress, etc. (i want to pass this book out to every infant girl i know for the sake of my possible future son! LOL)

the princess and the kiss


my sister showed me this book a couple years ago, or maybe it was just last year. either way, i hadn’t had lizzie faith yet and really couldn’t fully understand what my daughter’s purity would mean to me. check it out here at

when i found out i was pregnant. my prayer life went through the roof. oh the things to pray for. besides the midwife trauma and preparing to have a uc birth, the hormone crazed prayers, i prayed for my daughter’s (i knew it was a girl ;))  purity. i prayed her father and i could protect her while she was in our care from all the crazy men in this world. that we could raise her to realize her worth and that a man only worthy of her could have her and that man’s worthiness was to be decided by all three of us (lf, her father and i), that the unity of the kiss and physical touch is reserved soley for a man and his wife. and if it is broken, is harmful to her future marriage. i pray continuously for these things and so many more. i pray she is spiritually grounded as such that when she is of marrying age that she is hearing the holy spirit and does what he says. 

ok! she’s only 15 months old. ok back to tickling, giggling and twirling!