Posted: 12/23/2008 in family, fun, life

while the apple pie is baking and smelling so yummy, i’m thinking about tomorrow… tomorrow  is our first of many christmas’. 

i’m excited. i’m excited to see how lizzie faith reacts to each of her christmas’. last year she slept through every single one! this year will be a bit more fun. i bet she zones out and just opens presents expression-less because she’s overwhelmed. she has been napping in the afternoon about the time that we will be opening presents tomorrow – so she could be really grouchy! (i’m preparing myself for whatever!) either way, it will be fun!

this is henry’s (my sister, amanda and brother-in-law, tim’s son they just adopted from ukraine) first christmas! how exciting will that be!!!! he’s 2! talk about zoning out and being overwhelmed! i’m excited to see him! last time i got to see him for just a few minutes until he HAD to be on the tractor with daddy! 🙂 i don’t blame him one bit! tractors are cooler than aunties! 🙂 i got to get a tractor!!! 

we head out to osky a lil after noon tomorrow. we’ll be back late tomorrow night, then thursday we have christmas here in town in the afternoon and evening, friday we are back in osky at my grandparents and then back home friday night with a christmas saturday at eric’s grandma’s. i’m sure i’ll be blogging and posting pictures though! 🙂 just won’t be quite as often as i have the past few days! besides, i’m sure you’ll be so busy you won’t have time to read my silly blog! 🙂 

i wish you and yours a very merry christmas! drive safe! it looks like much of the u.s. is under some nasty weather! take care and i pray that “family crud” doesn’t get in the way of really enjoying each other!!


  1. Pam Sparks says:

    it is going to be a fun day and I’ll be anxious to hear about all your other Christmas parties w/Lizzie Faith…she is so grown up anymore!

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