princess and the kiss

Posted: 12/23/2008 in birth, books, homeschooling, learning, lizzie faith, marriage, parenting, sign language

i have lots of ideas for my lizzie faith. lots of things i want for all my children… i want to homeschool them, i want them to be fluent in sign language, i want them to understand the importance of courting and choose that method of “dating” for themselves  and be grateful for it. 

one i find very important is purity. 

for my son, if i have a son, this will be such a struggle for me. such a frustration – the way girls dress, etc. (i want to pass this book out to every infant girl i know for the sake of my possible future son! LOL)

the princess and the kiss


my sister showed me this book a couple years ago, or maybe it was just last year. either way, i hadn’t had lizzie faith yet and really couldn’t fully understand what my daughter’s purity would mean to me. check it out here at

when i found out i was pregnant. my prayer life went through the roof. oh the things to pray for. besides the midwife trauma and preparing to have a uc birth, the hormone crazed prayers, i prayed for my daughter’s (i knew it was a girl ;))  purity. i prayed her father and i could protect her while she was in our care from all the crazy men in this world. that we could raise her to realize her worth and that a man only worthy of her could have her and that man’s worthiness was to be decided by all three of us (lf, her father and i), that the unity of the kiss and physical touch is reserved soley for a man and his wife. and if it is broken, is harmful to her future marriage. i pray continuously for these things and so many more. i pray she is spiritually grounded as such that when she is of marrying age that she is hearing the holy spirit and does what he says. 

ok! she’s only 15 months old. ok back to tickling, giggling and twirling!


  1. I know this blog wasn’t meant to stir up conversation, but I can’t help but question what you mean when you say “if it is broken, is harmful to her future marriage.” Do you mind elaborating on what you mean by that? I agree 100% with your efforts in teaching your daughter the incredible importance of remaining pure and refraining from giving something so special to anyone but the most worthy man; I pray so much these days about how I’m going to get through to my children. No one ever got through to me, and I allowed my “kiss” to be a driving force in a majority of my relationships for a very long time. But I can’t say that giving away my “kiss” early prevented me from having the incredible relationship which I have today with my fiance and future husband. Did it make my journey that much harder? Absolutely. Did giving away my kiss and losing focus of all things pure and Christ-like cause me to stray from God? You bet. But if a man would have said that I was any less worthy of his love because I had given my kiss away prior to meeting him, then he wouldn’t be the man for me because he wouldn’t be willing to see past his judgement and accept that we are all imperfect in our own right and sin in numerous ways every day of our life. I can’t tell you how many times I have begged for forgiveness in some of the actions I have taken in my life, but I am certain that through the cleansing of God, He will provide to me a man who loves me for me…an imperfect but completely deserving and loveable child of God. And He did…even when I had my back turned to Him; He still prevailed.

    I think I know what you were trying to say, and I completely agree with you that no one wants their children to go through what we fear they may go through because of the wretched morals and values set in place by our society these days. We crave for them to constantly follow in God’s lead and make decisions directly in line with the Word of God. But should they slip up, should they act out in direct disobedience of the Word, does that mean they will never have it “good” in their future by way of an honorable man? Isn’t that what forgiveness and God’s grace all about? Cleansing us when we have made ourselves unpure?

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I am certain we are on the same page, but maybe I just took that one statement out of context. Take care!! 🙂

  2. breanna says:

    we are totally on the same page! that is exactly what i meant. it makes it so much harder when it doesn’t have to be! it’s already hard! ya know!?! but yes, grace plays a HUGE role here. i gave my kiss away and my husband did not. that gift he gave to me means SO much to me. i couldn’t give it to him… that is where my statement: “if it is broken, is harmful to her future marriage.” comes from. i think i have more fears, more disfunction’s because of past dysfunctional relationships, had i not had those relationships then maybe i wouldn’t be struggling with some of the things i have struggled with… i know i will not be able to save her from so many things, but i’m sure gonna teach her what she needs to know and in that will keep much of the bad away from her!
    thank you for asking me to elaborate! i appreciate that!

  3. Perfect! Thank you for elaborating for me!! Have a wonderful Christmas, Breanna!!

  4. Pam Sparks says:

    so….at least by going to those seminars and buying those cassette tapes, the seed was planted! YEA! What is so exciting here is the parent/daughter relationship and how it will effect the desires of her heart. I’m so glad you are thinking about these things, because children grow up so fast!!!

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