brummer’s christmas

Posted: 12/26/2008 in family, pictures

lizzie faith LOVES her table! she played with it and her dishes the majority of the time. i knew she was going to freak when she realized that table came home with her. she first took a nap when we got home and then found her table and she was smiling from ear to ear. lol so cute!

denny and penny were next. eric make this shelf for penny! i love it and want it!! 🙂 denny got some tool and a trailer ball hitch lock thingy ma-jig! (thank you babe for buying for the guys!!! 😉 ) 

here is the part that totally bums me out! i simply forgot to take pictures after this. lizzie faith helped grandpa denny open most of his presents! she loved just ripping off a piece and throwing it in the trash so unwrapping this way took FOREVER! but it was too sweet for any of us to stop letting her help us! yes, i know, we’re pathetic but in love! 🙂 

i wish i had a picture of anthony opening up his wii. a picture of his surprised look and the picture of delight on eric and i’s faces knowing we can play it now! WOOHOO! i had a blast and seriously creamed anthony and eric at wii bowling! i was actually better than them at a video game! i am soooo thrilled with myself.

i feel so blessed from everyone’s generosity from christmas this year! we aren’t spoiled but we are loved! i got everything i dreamed of. picture frames for my family collage wall, espresso machine, bath towels, serving bowls, soup bowls, the books and pamper-me stuff, a portion of a cow!!!! (coming in january – so excited about that! what a HUGE blessing!) i can’t even remember everything! i’m feeling so overwhelmed by it this year. i think i do every year, i just don’t sit down to write about it and think about it for this long…


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