Posted: 12/27/2008 in family

traditions can very easily get on my nerves. yes, they have potential to make me feel warm and fuzzy. more often, i’m frustrated by them. it feels like everything rises and falls on traditions. if the tradition (aka expectation) is not met, then, shwooo you best watch out! 

do i really want to base my holiday happiness on something like this?

how can i make traditions for my family without allowing this into my life/home/family?

eric and i discussed this while we were driving home from a christmas last night in fog that allowed us to drive 35 mph for 60 miles. AH! frustrating! 

any tradition that we establish for our family, we have decided, will not be tied to any one day or order of events. remaining flexible at all times and tying days and order of events seem to be the culprit. instead the fellowship can be the focus instead of the order of events or schedule. 

what do you think?

i feel like there is GREAT potential for establishing traditions that make us (brummer fam) feel like it’s christmas… and still keep all the flexibility needed. 

one thing i’ve really appreciated about our immediate family is their give and take. their respect for each other’s time and respecting our decisions when deciding where to go when. this has made the holidays easier for us.

on occasion it feels like if we don’t arrive at a specific time or when they “always start” then there is tension in the air. this is heavy on my heart. it makes it a tad more difficult for me to keep my family (lizzie, eric and i) first, doing what is best for us as well as accommodating the expectation. i do not want to do this to my children.

i just want to be fully aware of my actions and attitude and do my best! 


  1. I feel your frustration, Breanna! We have a family situation which prevents members of the family to arrive until a certain time every other year for Christmas. It’s amazing to me how others can be so unaccomodating to the situation and, even if unable to reorganize the time, treat their family as if they are putting everyone else in an uncomfortable position. I just had this conversation with my future MIL today about how HTB and I have discussed how we’ll spend our holidays with our children in the future and work with everyone elses schedule. It is important to me that my children see their cousin every year during the holidays, and if that means changing up the schedule every other year to accomodate to that, then that in and of itself is the tradition; you follow me? I think tradition begins in the heart and doesn’t have to be necessarily traditional of what others see fit to be a tradition. I think it’s about what is best for your family and is based on what you find to be the most important factors during the holidays. Me? I look forward to opening gifts with my babies on Christmas Eve (as their father and I will have done every year prior to their arrival), go to my moms in the early morning on Christmas day, or late afternoon every other year, and finish the day up with Christmas at my MIL’s house. From what we can tell it works for us. 🙂

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