miss grandma betty

Posted: 12/28/2008 in family

(see previous post for picture reference)

she went to the hospital last night. on her way to the car, she fell. she later found out she broke her foot and ankle in a couple places… she now needs surgery for that. 

the reason she was going to the hospital is because of loss of blood (i would rather not go into details for her best interest in mind!), she was recently hospitalized for several days for MRSA and now is very cold and weak (due to blood loss). last i knew she was on her 6th blood transfusion… they are going in tomorrow to look to see where she is bleeding and then determine the best way to stop it. they won’t think about doing surgery on her foot/ankle until all of this is taken care of. so she’s in a bit of pain right now.


poor thing. she is currently in the icu… we’re hoping this is nothing major, a quick fix, and on home she gets to go. 

please pray for her! eric got to see her today, so that was a bonus!



eric just got off the phone and said that they decided to take her to the university hospital nearest us. her blood count is slowly going up. makes me nervous! so many transfusions… 😦 it’s  well known, the nearest city hospital to us is pretty crappy! 😦 


  1. Jenni says:

    Lots of prayers your way! Looks like the rest of your Holiday was pretty great though! Happy New Year to you Eric, and Lizzy!!!

  2. Lots of love and prayers being sent your way, Breanna! Take care of each other and know that your grandma is in good hands.

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