eric is a rock

Posted: 12/30/2008 in family, health, life

i’m just sure eric isn’t human. everyone is sick and he’s fine. :O seriously!? is he a rock or what?!!!

lizzie faith threw up last night, has a low low fever this morning and just wants to nurse and cuddle. i’m better than yesterday. i have more energy and the kidney pain is better. the nausea is still a doozy though. 

hoping you and your families don’t get the flu!!!

  1. take care ms. breanna!!

  2. MC says:

    Oh dear! I bet it was the holiday bug! Ugh, it is truly terrible! Mom and I got it Saturday (me Saturday night and into the early hours Sunday morning), but am STILL not fully better (and it’s Tuesday morning!), I still can hardly eat anything! I think the last time I was that sick was from food poisoning from the altoona subway’s chicken! It felt very similar to that! It was so terrible. I hope that you’re feeling better!!!

  3. traci says:

    Phil seems to be untouchable too. So not fair.:)

  4. Jenni says:

    Thank you for the Congrats! I hope you and miss lizzy are feeling better…

  5. Britt says:

    Yeah, Kelly’s like that too .. I had the flu horrible over Thanksgiving, and he said to me “Are you really that sick?” .. almost his last words .. Then he gets this little sore throat thing a few weeks ago. You would have thought he was dying.

    You know me .. as he was giving me a dramatic performance of his ailments, I cocked my eyebrow, placed a hand on my hip and drawled, “Are you really that sick?”

    Then fell over laughing. He wasn’t quite as amused as I was at the moment =-)

    Hope you both feel better soon! Happy New Year =-)

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