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Posted: 01/31/2009 in fun, videos

welp, we are going to pretend that we are social and go to a concert tonight. this is who we’re off to see. not sure what we are getting ourselves into but it will be a fun time with my hubby either way. 🙂

prayer breakfast

Posted: 01/31/2009 in house, spiritual growth

today we helped put on our annual prayer breakfast. 

it’s formal. 

the tables were all decked out. a pal of me, who is the head-dog of this shindig; 🙂 and i decorated the tables on thursday. the napkins were folded perfectly anxiously away their guests. 

the egg casseroles were baked. fruit washed. muffins baked.

it was gorgeous! 

everyone ate. 

then the program began.

lil kiddos did a quick ditty. 

scripture was read. 

on to my favorite part. 

eric drew a chalk drawing to music (i’ll post pictures later). it was totally awesome!!!  i’m not one to be easily moved to tears in moments like these, but i was. this is the song he chose.

i’ll post pictures of his drawing soon.  patience! 🙂 

then i signed my song (you raise me up). i practiced and practiced. i finally got the right touch of facials. 

now time to break out the stroller and this glorious saturday!! i’m oh so anxious for the weather to stay this way. we’ll be getting the final quotes by friday. then off to see the appraiser for the initial approval. then it will be time to work on the land title/deed and such. then we will have the green light to DIG! i’m so excited! this is really happening! it really is happening!!! wow!


we’re off…

Posted: 01/29/2009 in life

… for the second to the last day. i’m so ready to be done. i’m so very exhausted. lizzie faith is so tired of being at church. today is going to be tough. we are there for our usual morning and then also for a couple hours in the afternoon to set up for a prayer breakfast we are having on saturday. tomorrow morning is probably going to be worst since we will be there so much today. i think i raised myself a homegirl just like her momma!

almost here

Posted: 01/28/2009 in favorites

and i couldn’t be more excited (well i think i would be more excited if it was a dining room table! :))


oh for goodness sakes!

Posted: 01/27/2009 in creative, favorites, fun

i seriously accidently found this. 


click in the top right hand corner-ish area “explore” and then “themes”.

i absolutely love their clean style. 

are you kidding me?

i did NOT want to see this! 

do i seriously have to go through this again over style? (moving my blog)


are they not amazing?!

i don’t even know what to think.


Posted: 01/27/2009 in house

progress can be so difficult. 

it seems like at times you can see the progress and even feel like you are running to catch up with it! 

and then there are the times when you are attempting to drag it behind you and tugging and tugging with all your might and it refuses to budge. 

i was there today. 

i wasn’t happy. 

6 phone calls to one bank.

1 call to another bank.

1 call to an electric company.

2 calls to 2 different appraisers. 

total number of calls that can be labeled productive or considered progression: 4

can we say frustrating! 

but at the end of the day (yes it’s only 4:45 but our banks are closed and the sun rises and sets on that… so it appears) progress was made.

besides. when it warms up, i’m digging! it might be with my hands, but i’m gonna be digging! 🙂 so progress better start catching up!

oh please warm up soon!


golden rod eggs

Posted: 01/27/2009 in recipes

hard boil 8 eggs

in saucepan make white sauce

       1 stick of butter

       4 tbsp flour

      slowly add 1 pint of half n half

divide egg whites and yolks. dice egg whites and add to white sauce.

crumble yolks. set aside.

butter toast and put a few spoonfuls of white sauce on each piece of toast. sprinkle yolk crumbles generously on top.