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trash ties

Posted: 01/01/2009 in creative, favorites, fun

these are too cool not to blog about! they are a must! i’m ordering them with some christmas money i have burning a hole in my pocket. 🙂 

they are called trash ties

they are the coolest ever, are they not!?!


be sure and look at the standard instructions and the long instructions for more pictures and what you can do with them. i am hoping this seriously just changed my hair styling skills! 🙂

my mom’s roast

Posted: 01/01/2009 in recipes

so i’m kinda on a recipe kick! i’m hungry! i have hardly eaten since sunday (the flu). work with me! 🙂

this is the way my mom fixes it so i can’t call it mine. 🙂 

you need:

1 beef roast (1.5lb-3lb)

1/2 onion (diced if using broth later, slices if you aren’t – it’s faster)

salt and white pepper to taste

1/4 cup of bragg liquid aminos (or to taste)

Liquid Aminos 16 oz

3-4 med red potatoes (i like to cut them into “sticks” then length of the potato and an inch or so thick)

3 carrots 

cook in crockpot on high all morning and the majority of the afternoon until roast is tender and close to falling apart, put on low until supper and it will be falling apart.


ps: my mom does this in the oven in her emile henry on 375 for 3 hours or so

breanna’s biscuits

Posted: 01/01/2009 in recipes

3 cups all purpose flour

4 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

2/3 tsp cream of tartar

3/4 cup butter

1  cup half n half

mix all your dry

add in your butter until crumbly

add your half n half

mix well

cut with biscuit cuters

cook on 450 for 10 min.

serve HOT!

great with real raw honey and butter! YUM!

this makes approx. 10 biscuits using the medium biscuit cutter and dough being approx 1.5 inches tall. depending on how thick you like your biscuits, if you are going for tall and when you cut them in half you have plenty of biscuit in both halves (ideal for pot pies over biscuits), you will want your dough to be at least 1 inch tall 🙂

sauté in butter:

1/2 sweet onion diced

3 carrots

1 celery stick  


make your gravy:

5 cups of water 

season to taste with white pepper and salt

(the BEST salt!)

 Redmonds RealSalt All Natural Sea Salt Shaker 9 oz

2 tbsp of better than bouillon chicken base 

cube your COOKED chicken:

2 chicken breasts (1lb)

i cook my chicken in my emile henry on 375 for an hour. put chicken in emile henry, fill to just above chicken with ro water, season with salt, garlic salt, white pepper and 1/2 an onion. 


throw everything into your gravy and cook on low til all your flavors mix well. 

serve over my homemade biscuits.

breanna’s garlic potatoes

Posted: 01/01/2009 in recipes

these are perfect with my crispy chicken recipe and everything else, my meatballs, meatloaf, hamburgers! everything!

approx 5-6 sm-med red potatoes 

4 tbsp of butter

garlic salt

white pepper


1 glass pan with an oven safe lid.

coat your pan with butter so your tators don’t stick

cube your potatoes, 1/2 in to 1 in

drop one tbsp of butter at a time randomly onto potatoes

season generously with salt, white pepper and garlic salt. 

(my secret to the BEST garlic flavor…simple organic’s garlic salt! the BEST!)


bake on 375 for 45 min, stir, 20-30 min longer or until your main dish is done…

i’ve been getting emails asking for my recipes and one gal suggested i get busy and start blogging them so they can be copied easier. here ya go! 🙂 this is what we are having for supper tonight. YUM!

2-3 chicken breasts (approx 1.5lb)

1 stick of saltines and a couple handfuls of goldfish (goldfish optional, but give that extra touch) the finer the better! add in at least 1/2 tsp of salt, white pepper and garlic salt 

2-3 eggs beaten with a tbsp of half and half

1 emile henry stone dish with a lid is my favorite (best baking and EASY clean up!)


coat the bottom of your dish with olive oil, approx 1/4 inch thick. 

cut your chicken to your preference. i like strips. 

dip into your egg mixture and fully coat.

dip into your crumbs 

back into your egg mixture

back into your crumbs

lay into your olive oil pan

bake on 375 for 45 min flip chicken over; bake for another 30 min or so until the crispy looks crisp and the meat thermometer reads the right tempt for chicken.

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i’m not feeling very social, including blog-social. :} i’m feeling pretty blah! i have a few things brewing in my head but not enough energy to actually get them out… 

i’m excited about planning a bachelorette party this may! i’m going to start planning it now and get everything bought and ready. i’m nervous when the ground thaws i will be overwhelmed with the house stuff and not give it my 125% so, i’m going to do everything now while i’m overdoing stuff! LOL i hope it’s fun and everyone can have a great time, but most of all, i hope it’s a great time for the BRIDE!!! 🙂 i’m doing everything with HER in mind, not everyone else. 🙂 

january 30th is my last day working as administrative assistant at our church. at first i was very leary about letting it go – i’m still feeling possessive. but looking forward to life un-dictated! 🙂 and a cleaner desk! 

i just had to stop blogging to go check on the dog (black newfy-lab) cuz she is going NUTS! there is this beagle mix that seems to like our warm set up that we have for lucy and has been hanging out a lot. well he/she (i’ll check next time i go out) has decided to stake out in lucy’s HOUSE! i know- how rude! it seems very sweet – but disobedient when i told it several times to get out! wondering if we just “adopted” ourselves a beagle. i’ve always wanted a second dog for lucy to play with and have always regretted deeply not getting lucy’s sister. *sigh* i won’t ever forget leaving her.

hmm! i’m open – wonder if eric is. 🙂  

hope you all are enjoying a relaxing first day of ’09! crazy, huh!