Posted: 01/01/2009 in life

i’m not feeling very social, including blog-social. :} i’m feeling pretty blah! i have a few things brewing in my head but not enough energy to actually get them out… 

i’m excited about planning a bachelorette party this may! i’m going to start planning it now and get everything bought and ready. i’m nervous when the ground thaws i will be overwhelmed with the house stuff and not give it my 125% so, i’m going to do everything now while i’m overdoing stuff! LOL i hope it’s fun and everyone can have a great time, but most of all, i hope it’s a great time for the BRIDE!!! 🙂 i’m doing everything with HER in mind, not everyone else. 🙂 

january 30th is my last day working as administrative assistant at our church. at first i was very leary about letting it go – i’m still feeling possessive. but looking forward to life un-dictated! 🙂 and a cleaner desk! 

i just had to stop blogging to go check on the dog (black newfy-lab) cuz she is going NUTS! there is this beagle mix that seems to like our warm set up that we have for lucy and has been hanging out a lot. well he/she (i’ll check next time i go out) has decided to stake out in lucy’s HOUSE! i know- how rude! it seems very sweet – but disobedient when i told it several times to get out! wondering if we just “adopted” ourselves a beagle. i’ve always wanted a second dog for lucy to play with and have always regretted deeply not getting lucy’s sister. *sigh* i won’t ever forget leaving her.

hmm! i’m open – wonder if eric is. 🙂  

hope you all are enjoying a relaxing first day of ’09! crazy, huh! 



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