Posted: 01/02/2009 in family, learning, life, lizzie faith, parenting

i don’t like resolutions. i feel like they are a worldly  way of making you feel better. “i vow to do _____ this year and become a better person by doing it.” “i make this vow, once a year, on new years eve.” i believe we need to be evaluating ourselves and working to be better people in Christ everyday. do i do this everyday like i’d like? ha! no! but i do believe i strive everyday to be the best i can be in today’s circumstances. what more is there? what room is there for resolutions then?? which very rarely are things that you can do and resolve at the end of the year anyway. goals – uum now goals are a different story. i have lots of goals for 2009 brewing in my head; a new house! for one. 

all this new year talk has got me motivated to figure out what my priorities are as a parent. my sister got me this book i requested, for christmas, raising godly tomatoes. maybe you’ve seen it on my favs list on here. i’ve read her website pretty well, but there’s just something about reading her book and underlining what i like and really mentally and physically applying it. 

i’d also like to blog about some of the things this book has taught me so far. it is unreal how this book seems to be validating everything i have felt. all my instincts, all my gut reactions…

i’ve been struck by a brick:

“you cannot enjoy the pleasures of a close, loving relationship with godly children, well-behaved children if  you are not willing to make parenting them your top priority.” -elizabeth krueger

you might think, umm right, “hello! that’s a given”. yes, it is. but everyday i can choose to send my daughter off to her room or her daddy’s office to play by herself for a bit while i indulge selfishly in online shopping, blogging or fb-ing. i can choose to bake something instead of spending extra quality time with my daughter. i can choose all kinds of things that push her away and soon, i feel like asking, “lizzie faith wheeeeeeeere aaaaaaaare yooooooooou!?” and just like when a child runs off to the next aisle at the grocery store and they get scolded for leaving you, that’s what my tendency is, to scold her for running off. but it’s MY fault for putting everything else that i want to do, or that makes me feel domestically successful as a higher priority than her. there is room for all that i want to do to have a clean house and be all domesticated and at no cost to my daughter. i just have to be intentional in doing it. she can cook/bake with me, help me clean, help me sort the laundry, unload the dishwasher… when i do allow her to work with me, she is on cloud 9! it just takes me so much longer. i like to go fast, be efficient and move on. i see the benefit of her helping me, i see her learning and feeling proud of working with mommy and the relationship that builds while doing this.

my priorities are not quantity anymore, they are quality. 


  1. Chelsea says:

    wow.. i can relate! Carson loves to help me cook/bake but sometimes i get easily annoyed, i’m working on getting better though and try to do baking/cooking more often just so he can help me, quality time with him.. Do keep posting stuff on here from that book.. Its been a while since I’ve been the the raising godly tomatoes website.. I should get back on that!

  2. such a great post, breanna! i can’t wait to hear more of your devotions regarding this book.

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