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abc’s 20/20 clip

yes, i watched. i wasn’t going to get upset. i didn’t last night. but today – i stumbled across a comment that set me off. 

this portrayed motherhood HORRIBLY! i am extremely disappointed. i expected this, yes. i accepted the interviewer to ask twisted questions and twist EVERYTHING everyone said and make it gross and disgusting. 

but still, i think i had a ting of hope. that maybe they wouldn’t twist it that badly. 

was it to the extreme, like the title said – sometimes, yes. but isn’t the world just a bit extreme??! someone calling the kettle black or is it just me? at least my extreme is something i’ve been spiritually led to and is absolutely the best for me and my family. where the extremes of the world are very far from spirituality and jesus and VERY far from the best for them and their family. 

do i want to nurse my child until they self-ween (approx. 8 yrs old), nope! but do i have that right, YEP! and you best not walk up to me and tell me it’s GROSS or that i’m perverted. like one of the interviewed mom’s said; if it’s not me (that is giving comfort by nursing or teaching a child to find comfort in a mother’s arms) then it is a pacifier or a blanket or food or things – does this sound familiar. the world has gone to THINGS to find comfort instead of physical contact with people and friends and family and relationships (the way God intended us to find comfort). i just think it’s high time we draw the connection between the development of pacifiers and man-made self-soothers used for infants and that being pushed and developed is what has breed a society as such today. THINGS THINGS THINGS! MORE MORE MORE! nothing ever soothes like a relationship with jesus 0r a person… 

oooh and when the interviewer said, isn’t choosing unassisted childbirth selfish! oh my! you have got to be kidding me! it is the FARTHEST thing from selfish. it is with everything important in mind. i understand that one may not understand because they have never walked this path before. i don’t expect you to understand, but i think respect can be expected. can’t i just as easily say, isn’t going to the hospital for pain meds selfish???

should i even start with the “doctor” or man who started telling me what MY role is a mother. that motherhood is all about “working yourself out of a job”. ROFL come on, you just have to laugh at that one, right?! or am i alone??? 

alrighty- officially off my soap box. 



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today, today i’m getting out of the house for the first time since sunday morning. WOOHOO!