ut oh

Posted: 01/05/2009 in life

are you gonna be mad at me???

i’ve been thinking. i will miss wordpress and what it has to offer. both sites have their purposes. *sigh* so feel free to pop in on my other site. it’s purpose right now looks the same as this blog, but it will not be for long…

my main purpose for switching in the beginning is because i wanted a theme where you could see blurbs of the recent posts and not see the entire post and have to stroll down a million miles. i did not see this theme before. i saw it accidently today and fell head-over-heels. 

i know you all love me enough to love me through this! lol thanks so much! 


  1. aj says:

    you are to funny!!! 🙂 where ever you go I will follow LOL

  2. God's Gentle Nurturer says:

    haha I have learned to read all recent posts before commenting. hahahahahaha I am with aj… have no fear! 😀

  3. Shonya says:

    Well, I dunno. . .I’ve been checking the other site all week and missed all this! 🙂 You sure are keeping life interesting! 🙂

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