what a day

Posted: 01/07/2009 in family, learning, life

so my day was going alright.

i went to get my licensed renewed and realized i need my car inspected first. GR! load the lizzie faith back into the car and drive one block to church to get some work done. i spent an hour or so there with a few more problems needing solved than i like but alas everything was copied and read for the afternoon volunteer. 

get home:

get the mail.


a water bill twice the amount is should be. and it says we used 10,000 gallons with no unusual activity from the month. must be a clerical error. NOPE! they are “confident” they are not in the wrong. i’m still waiting on the plumber to get here, currently without any water. why leak 1,000 gallons while waiting for the plumber. water is pricey! 

oops! someone emailed and need an insert inserted in this week’s bulletin. bummer! i just finished everything. will have to go back soon to get that copied and cut in half. bummer! i did want to be done for the day! 

the above bums me out, but i’m very bummed for my sister too. she’s been wanting to build a house this spring and has spent a year figuring out everything they want to do and now a big ol’ wrench has been thrown into the plans and it’s not looking lovely. i’m sad! how very frustrating! i’m thinking, maybe this is God saying, “WOOO wait! i have a castle better than anything you can design and i want to give it to you!” let’s pray for them and their dreams!

the dog is barking! maybe it’s the plumber! oh please oh please! i need to go to the bathroom! 


  1. jenifriend says:

    Keep us posted on the water problem. I will be sure to keep your sister and her family in my prayers…we are also in hot pursuit for the home of our dreams and haven’t quite found it either so I can understand the frustration they must feel. I hope she listens to you; you are so right about God saying “Woah Nelly! Take a step back and let me take care of this for you.” What a wonderful God He is!!

  2. God's Gentle Nurturer says:

    Aww. I’m sorry sweetie. If it makes you feel better, all your stress was not for naught (harhar). If you hadn’t had such an interesting day, you wouldn’t have posted about this, and you wouldn’t have been able to reminded me that I need to get my license renewed before my birthday on Sunday! Thank you!

    In reference to your sister, I will most certainly keep her in my prayers. When Chris had a hard time finding work and was working at a temp service I thought for sure this couldn’t be it. So we prayed and trusted that God would present him with a good and dependable job. He then temped for FedEx and they appreciated his hard work and wanted him. They fought to get him out of the contract with the temp service and the temp service appreciate his hard work and desire to work so much that they did – without much fight at that. God most certainly has something bigger planned… tell her to trust and be patient!! 😀

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