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i’m shocked!

Posted: 01/08/2009 in life


Suze Orman and OprahHow to raise your FICO score

i’m tired and have decided to rest a bit this afternoon. so i’m camped out on the couch watching oprah (because we have one channel and nothing else is on). suze is on today talking about debt. in their studio audience of 225 people this is near 3 million dollars in credit card debt alone. that’s not including car loans, mortgage, personal debt, student loans, just credit card debt. 

i’m devastated for these people! i don’t feel sorry for them, i don’t feel pity at all. they need help and i hope they can do it for themselves! i’m sure it would be truly liberating for them if they got themselves out of this. 

i’m grateful to my husband for keeping us out of debt and am extremely thankful that we have absolutely no debt right now. soon to change! yay! for a house! 🙂 

i am praying for this national financial crisis, not in a broad way but in a personal way, praying for individual people to be able to beat this demon of living beyond our means!


download suze’s book for 2009’s financial plan is available for free download here but only for ONE week! so do it now if this is something you need! (i have not personally read it nor do i recommend this; just tellin ya it’s there!)