Posted: 01/09/2009 in life

yes, i’m still mad about the water bill. 

the plumber comes, no leaks A.N.Y.W.H.E.R.E.!

so how did we use 10,000 gallons this month compared to our 3,400 gallons last month and our highest usage in three years with 3 leaky faucets and a toilet that ran constantly up until last month when we got it fixed was 5,100 gallons. 

the city water guys come out yesterday and glance (and i mean glance) at the water hole that has the meter in it (you have to get on your knees, lift the lid and THEN you can see the meter). 

they come to the door and proceed to tell me that they can meet our demand of putting in a new water meter but we have to pay $100 for the new one and we have to pay to send in the old one AND if the old one comes back fine we are out all this money. so really this is our landlord’s money we are talking about, but seriously! the water meter is the city’s property! the gas company maintains their own meters… that’s all included in the cost of the water!

so we talk to a few people that live here, yep this is as crazy to them as it is to us. WE (well our landlord) pay a plumber to check for leaks, the rest is now the city’s responsibility. 

GR! i’m one hot lady! you can imagine, right!? so i asked these two genius workers, if this was there house and i was tying their hands like this, what would they do. one genius says “somethin” and then they both just hang their heads as i proceed to ask them what that “somethin” is then. then the one said, “i guess i would just keep paying the $125 waterbill.” HA! i said, “no you wouldn’t. don’t lie to me. i’m not dumb!” (they would get a FREE-to-them meter like everyone else in the world on city water!) then i proceeded to tell them someone else i know had a huge bill without a leak, they told me they had a leak, i again said, “don’t lie to me, we just asked them, they don’t have a leak!” then i reminded them they put in a new free meter for so-in-so when they had a bill like ours that is VERY OBVIOUS that there is a problem! they denied it and said they have NEVER replaced a water meter for anyone in 13 years. ROFL we all know that’s not true! 

so  my hubby does the math, 10,000 gals of water is a running faucet, 24/7 for DAYS! we have no leaks! i feel like i’ve said “we have no leaks” 10,000 times in the last 2 days. what is hilarious, is we FINALLY got ALL the leaks fixed!! and our waterbill triples! 

it’s gotta be conspiracy! 😉 

my eric is going to the city council meeting monday night. we are currently taking pictures of the water meter and what it reads every evening. what’s crazy is it’s reading right now. BUT it only takes one min for it to go hey-wire and add on say 7,000 gals. or do you suppose it could actually be a clerical error … 

i’m done! i promise. don’t even get me started on the bank! 


  1. aj says:

    oh no this is not fun! What do you mean the bank?

  2. jenifriend says:

    sounds like you’ve had an exciting week! i hope you have a better (and by better i mean less interesting) weekend!!

  3. jenifriend says:

    wait…no i don’t mean less interesting…that sounded terrible…i meant less interesting in that you won’t have to deal with these problems much longer and that everything is resolved…you know what i mean, right?!

  4. breanna says:

    jenifriend, of course!!!! i didn’t take it wrong at all!!! LOL

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