what do we do?

Posted: 01/09/2009 in abortion, family, health, homeschooling, life


in february obama wants to spend 700 mil (right? maybe it’s billion?) on creating 3 million jobs. is this really the way to go? is everyone really loosing their jobs? if so, is this the correct “fix”? 

i think we all need to educate ourselves with the plans from our new president and be ready to do whatever it takes. he’s ready to go yesterday and if we don’t stay on top of him, we’re gonna get snowballed. 

but then i think, is there really anything we can do? but i suppose that’s what makes “us christians” different from “those other people with agendas”. i honestly don’t have as much fight in me, then i complain about being screwed over, BUT i sure didn’t fight as hard as the activists. 

tell me, what do you think?


  1. Shonya says:

    I just don’t know, Breanna. All I can manage is to shine my light in my little corner of the world–teaching my children and trying to shape their character so they won’t be a part of the problem. Do I agree with the increasingly socialistic bend of our nation’s leaders? No. But I’m going along for the ride–

  2. jenifriend says:

    i think our fight as Christians is a different kind of fight. We fight through prayer and belief that God will prevail despite the sinful nature of others and their beliefs. We fight through knowing that regardless of the outcome of our society, we will be saved through Christ and have a much better life ahead of us in Heaven. In saying that, I don’t believe God gave us a voice as Christians to witness only about faith and not about the politics which affect our lifestyle in faith. We fight when we are called to fight and we sit back and allow God to do the work He has not called us to do when it comes time as well. In the meantime, prayer (and lots of it) will build a strong army against those who do not follow, and will shelter us from the storm that is about to break through with a mean vengeance.

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