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thinking: house

Posted: 01/11/2009 in house

welp, i’ve been thinking about the house. yes, it’s always in the back of mind if it isn’t in the front, either in frustration of something in this house or dreaming big or worrying about money – this or that. 

the bank appointment we had at our local bank 4+ weeks ago was drawn out by the bank until just this past friday. i’m extremely disappointed with them and their customer service. the information i was given was not work worth 4 weeks, it was worth 1 day. 

progress on our end was still made in that 4 weeks. we still have lots we need to do. we need to gather 6 estimates from our hvac guy, gravel guy, carrol distributing (insulated concrete forms), the guy digging the hole, installing the waterline and the septic tank, concrete guy, and our local lumber yard for everything in-between. it sounds like a lot, but a few phone calls, a couple emails and a couple saturdays should do it. i’m anxious for these estimates. yes, i have my own estimates and “budgets” but they mean nothing until these guys tell me what’s black and white. 🙂 

once the above paragraph is accomplished – we’re off to another bank and to call a few appraisers. i don’t think i’ll go into the details of what the bank said – no need. surely i’ll never forget! lol it’s nothing against us. our credit scores are wonderful our reputation financially is great! we’ve worked hard on this. i can think of a few things i would have done differently, but looking back there is always more money to save…  

so for now, i’m grateful for “cheap” rent to enable us to save as much as possible and a furnace that works! 🙂 

i hope you all had a wonderful sunday. i’m wishing i didn’t dread this up coming week – it is my last, you know, working for the church. following this week, the next two weeks will be training the new secretary. how exciting for her! she has been looking forward to this position for a couple years now and i hope it blesses her and her family!  it sure has blessed mine!