measureless love

Posted: 01/12/2009 in favorites, fun, learning, life, marriage, me, parenting, spiritual growth

measureless love by beth moore

the video series will be shown at our annual woman’s conference this feb 20th pm and 21st am. it’s only $15. holler at me if you wanna come and i’ll get you all the info and hooked up! 

it will be a great time. 

i’ve seen it already… but i’m still going! it doesn’t matter how many times i watch beth moore’s conferences, i always miss something and something always hits me (convicts me) like never before. 

some of my notes from watching it earlier this year:

“your love is measureless” my sin will never leave a stain that Your blood can not erase. 

we were born to matter. born to have a purpose. 

she talks about putting satan in his place and having BOUNDARIES! 

my defeat is blamed on insecurity, my fear and insecurity. this is to blame for all or most of my poor decisions and sins. i will not be “motivated by insecurity” anymore!

god is stunningly meticulous with measurements. see: job 38:4, 5 and Isaiah 45:18-19

measuring up = idolatry and jealousy

the obsessions: 1) who am i trying to measure up to? 2) who am i trying to measure up for? 3) who am i trying to measure God by? 2 cor. 10:12, 13

 jealousy is ALWAYS the result of insecurity EVERYTIME!

the remedy to this problem is grasping the concept of the measureless. 


i don’t want to tell you everything! i think you get the concept and why i’m so excited about seeing it again… childless! 🙂 


  1. Shonya says:

    Is it just here in town? If so, I am REALLY interested!!

  2. cheryl usalis says:

    Dear Breanna,
    We are planning to to Measureless Love next month. I’ve watched it twice and love it, and think our group will to. My question is, did you have follow up discussions? I thought I’d give the girls their journals ahead of time and possibly go over the “optional Questions” as a group.
    What did you do? And how did your group respond?
    Thanks so much for your input.
    because He lives,
    Cheryl Usalis
    Abide Women’s Ministry
    Lockport, Il

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