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wedding cream cheese mints

Posted: 01/14/2009 in recipes

 you know the kind right… ?

i think i’m going to try to make them a bit different…. 

what do you think?

2 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 2/3 cup powdered sugar

add 3 tsp. Cocoa and 1/2 tsp. vanilla
Beat cheese, blend in sugar. Knead dough and shape into one or two long rolls. Slice the logs evenly. (be sure to cover any dough you’ve set aside. It will start to harden if you don’t) Dip mold into granulated sugar before placing dough into mold. Unmold candies onto waxed paper with a little sugar sprinkled over the paper to keep the candies from sticking. It’s a good idea to move them a bit after they’ve set up, just to help them dry more evenly. Makes 25 roses and 25 leaves. 


doesn’t it sound like mini chocolate cheesecake heaven!!!!!

dreamin in color

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so i was just thinking about my floor and thought i’d go over and check on it. 

i found a new review! woohoo!






after: doesnt it just totally change the room! so classy! i’m in love with it! 🙂 



here it is BIG! 🙂 showing all it’s knots and grain. 
i really like it! i’m still nervous though! wouldn’t you be!? i just really want to like it for a long time and what if i don’t… what if it has a funny orange undertone… *sigh* oh the anxiety! 

chocolate delight

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my sister gave me the yummiest no-bake cookie recipe last night! i made them. ohmygoodness! they are good! 

if i listened right, i believe this is tami, my sister’s mother in law’s recipe. no credit taking here! tami has some seriously good recipes!


1/2 cup butter melted in pan over med heat

1 1/2 cups sugar (white organic or dark brown real sugar is the bestest)

dash of salt

1/4 cup cocoa 

1/2 cup heavy cream or half and half  (if you use cream you don’t even have to whip it and look for peeks! ;))

boil for approx 3 min. 

stir in 3-4 cups of oats (my sis likes instant, i used plain ol’ rolled oats)

drop on non-stick surface to set

store in air tight container (you know the drill)


the end

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so much of my week feels like i’m preparing for the end. packing up my desk, preparing to organize the church office and get everything accessible for the new gal to use until she can reorganize it how she likes. 

i’m excited about what this means for me. what i will be free to do.

before all that, i will have an overwhelming 2 weeks ahead of me. i don’t like going out of the house everyday let alone staying somewhere for hours. this will be very hard on lizzie and i, i’m sure. i’ll bring lots for lizzie to play with but she never plays at church as well as she plays at home. but maybe it will be for the best. i have a tendency to just take over and do it myself. this is not a good thing to do while training. so lizzie keeping my hands full will help me just simply instruct instead over take-over. 

what am i going to do with all my free time. 25-35 hours of eric and i’s week is devoted to this. this is a lot of hours! 🙂 i do have a few closets in desperate need of attention. the totes that are packed need reorganized. the goodwill piles and garage sale piles need relooked at and possibly take everything to the goodwill/local clothes room. 

i’m anxious to get our bedroom furniture painted, some baking and cooking done (meals to freeze and yummies to freeze). i have a whole list of around the house projects that need finished before the ground thaws! like the adirondack chairs need painted too!  also i have 11 large cloth diapers that still need the elastic put on! silly, i know!!! 

i think what i’m getting at is, i’m nervous to not have this constant thing in my life. i have a schedule and it’s been my schedule for almost a year. it’s rewarding, frustrating, constant, fulfilling…  i won’t have those things anymore from this anyway. i’ll miss the money going into the savings… i’m the most nervous about money now than i have ever been – taking the leap into homeownership…. i love change, i also am scared to death of it but i am always the one pushing for it. go figure! 

please pray for me. giving this up is really much harder than i’m letting on. (i really didn’t want to admit it, but maybe now i can stop blogging about i! i’m so tired of blogging about it!)

off to make a breve – yes i’m using coffee to self-sooth… hush it! i don’t want to hear it! 


baby, baby!

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this is what i’ve been up to. we’re having a baby dedication service on sunday and these are part of their gifts. it’s a gorgeous poem and i just jazzed it up a bit.


i’m fairly certain everyone who gets one of these on sunday does not read my blog… here’s hopin!

(my ribbon got pushed off centered by the frame on the green one 😛 i fixed it but didn’t retake pics…)



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am i the only one that hits mute when i get to a blog with music?