baby, baby!

Posted: 01/14/2009 in creative, paper

this is what i’ve been up to. we’re having a baby dedication service on sunday and these are part of their gifts. it’s a gorgeous poem and i just jazzed it up a bit.


i’m fairly certain everyone who gets one of these on sunday does not read my blog… here’s hopin!

(my ribbon got pushed off centered by the frame on the green one 😛 i fixed it but didn’t retake pics…)


  1. chelsea says:

    geez thanks! you got me all excited there when i read… baby, baby for the title and then……skipped a beat at…. we’re having a baby……….. 😛

  2. breanna says:

    ROFL i didn’t even think of that!!!!! sorry!!!!! you’ll know before i blog about it!!

  3. jenifriend says:

    these are excellent, breanna! and very creative i must add!!

  4. sarah n says:

    how ironic, we’re having Callie dedicated on Sunday! Wish I could have something cute like that!

  5. Someone’s having a baby named Tucker? I’ve never met anyone else with that name. And I too, had to do a double take on the “baby baby, we’re having a baby…”

  6. breanna says:

    jessie, yep! we know several… 🙂

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