kitchen help

Posted: 01/15/2009 in house

the kitchen has really been bothering me. yes, i have time to decide… but i need that time to envision everything else that goes in the kitchen, the rug, towels, etc. 

i have an idea of how i want it to feel. i need to decide if i want it to be the same color as the dining room and if so then how do you not make it the living room too. if that’s the case i want a type of green color in the living room but i don’t in the kitchen. 

here’s a few photos! i seriously want help though.

i love this. these are my cabinets, i want different handles, the countertop will be like this – mostly black with some texture variations. the floor will be natural bamboo. my appliances are black. the sink will be silver or black and the faucet silver. i love the lighting, i love the color on that back wall. i don’t like the wood paneling or anything… but this is the view from my kitchen sink too, the dining room off to the left like this (where the desk is) and the living room off to the right. it all helps me envision! i won’t have a ton of upper cabinets just two sets of double so you will see a lot of wall… so colors????



i want the kitchen to really pop! not like, oh here’s the kitchen but OH i LOVE the kitchen! it’s warm and yummy! this below screams those things to me! how does it make you feel??? (i do NOT like the lamp shades!)
so then if the kitchen is this color like a deep toupe, what color do you make the dining room? the same? then do you switch colors going into the family room???
  1. chelsea says:

    I like the kitchen! A class I took, they said greens and reds were the colors to paint your walls in the kitchen.. has something to do with your appetite.. But i dont know if i want walls to associate with food, i’ll just be eating all the time.. lol I have a sage green in mind for my kitchen.. I like the tile backsplash on the 2nd pic.. ok what did you need help with? oh.. for the color thru the whole room.. may be hard to divide the colors since it looks like you have an open kitchen/living room.. So i think maybe one color for both but do an accent wall(focal wall) with a different color?? How about where the tv will be and the half shelves? thats directly across the room from the kitchen/island right? just an idea!

  2. jenifriend says:

    If your layout is exactly like the one noted above, the area where the dining table will be between the kitchen and the living area could be a lighter color to brighten the space and add a splash of color to the potentially monatenous taupes and browns. My suggestion? Go for a gray color that has a strong hint of purple. Purple is the color for natural appetite suppression, and placed in the dining nook will not only separate the space but also break up the monateny that could arise if another earth color is added. There’s my thought!! Keep us posted on what you decide to go with!!

  3. Jenni says:

    thanks for your prayers they really mean alot to us.

    On the kitchen. I would say a differnt color for the livingroom unsure where i would start the new color..maybe right after the nook area…or at the nook area. Just a thought. love the green color!

  4. RuthAnne says:

    I wonder if the kitchen ‘pops’ because of the white ceiling, trim and molding. It seems to off set the color of the walls and cabinets. Not sure why there are blue lamp shades in that picture…I don’t like them either. But I do like unique lamps 🙂 I think having an appetizing wall color is a good plan, since that is what a kitchen is for. Also, maybe one of the reasons that kitchen is so, “OH, I love it” is because of the cheery bowl of lemons, the nice, silver coffee pot (which communicates “I’m social” and the cute, lil stool in the corner…. those are my two cents.

    Now you have me thinking about my kitchen, the wallpaper desperately needs to come off and the wall painted….so I’ll need to be choosing colors soon too 🙂

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