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i would like to know why i need to spend my time writing my return address on bills where they send me the stub with their address that shows thru the envelope window. why would the address be wrong or the envelope undeliverable with their address preprinted! this bugs me! i hate writing my address 10 times! yes, i’m lazy! and yes, i will be buying a self-inking return address stamp as soon as we know our new address! yes, i should have just caved and bought one when we got married and starting renting this house – i just kept telling myself, we wouldn’t be here long – maybe a year! HA! jokes on me! te he! 


first tea set

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the trash tie

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they came! they are totally awesome! some of the hair styles are trickier than others. i’ve only had them since last night so this morning and just now i’ve been playing with them. i have tried three styles, ponytail, partial pony and this pic on the left. love em!!!