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what’s your personal experience and opinion?


Posted: 01/23/2009 in abortion, family, health, spiritual growth

it’s been a while since i’ve posted about a controversial issue. frankly, i don’t like to make waves. if it is something worth making waves over, i struggle to hold my tongue especially if it’s depending the defenseless.

embryonic stem cells

alright, here’s the deal. it was just approved by our new president to allow human experimenting via clinical trials to implant these embryos into humans for aid in parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s and spinal cord injuries in between 8-10 people. the trial is small. why? because they are unsure how these cells will react in a human body. animals seem to handle these embryos well and their body uses them to repair spinal cord injuries, etc. 


so here’s my beef.


chicken enchilada

Posted: 01/23/2009 in recipes

i’m not sure who to credit for this recipe. i got it from my sister amanda. something tells me it came from my other sister’s mil, but i’m not sure!! but it sure is yummy!

chicken, a breast or two 🙂 (is a breast two pieces of chicken or just one???? you want 2 pieces of chicken)

4 tortillas (preferably the ones without lard or hydrogenated fat)

4 oz sour cream

4 oz cream cheese

4 oz shredded med cheese

4 oz of salsa (give or take some)