Posted: 01/23/2009 in abortion, family, health, spiritual growth

it’s been a while since i’ve posted about a controversial issue. frankly, i don’t like to make waves. if it is something worth making waves over, i struggle to hold my tongue especially if it’s depending the defenseless.

embryonic stem cells

alright, here’s the deal. it was just approved by our new president to allow human experimenting via clinical trials to implant these embryos into humans for aid in parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s and spinal cord injuries in between 8-10 people. the trial is small. why? because they are unsure how these cells will react in a human body. animals seem to handle these embryos well and their body uses them to repair spinal cord injuries, etc. 


so here’s my beef.

there are these snowflake babies that can be adopted. what does that tell me? that these are babies. this article above from states bluntly: “The tests will use stem cells cultured from embryos left over in fertility clinics, which otherwise would have been discarded.” please note: these embryos are not always discarded and do not have to be!!!! where do you think the adoption agency gets their snowflakes to offer up for adoption? you got it! left over from invitro procedures.

i think we better clear something else up while we are at it. . do we really need to go back to the argument of when life begins? alrighty – let’s just do this once and for all. 


conception day  

2 Weeks / Conception day

The egg and sperm most often unite in the fallopian tube (tube from 

the ovary to the uterus) to form a single cell called a zygote. This tiny new cell, smaller than a grain of salt, 

contains all the genetic information for every detail of the newly created life—the color of the hair and eyes, 

the intricate fine lines of the fingerprint, the physical appearance, the gender, the height and the skin tone. 

Days 2–5 This new life is now called an embryo, and his or her cells continually divide while traveling 

down the fallopian tube before arriving at the uterus, around days 3 to 4. Meanwhile, the lining of the 

uterus prepares to receive this new life. 

have you heard of the acronym SLED

Size or Physical Appearance – Do humans lose value when they don’t look right? Does size equal value? Men are generally larger than women. Does that mean men are more human than women? Shaquille O’Neil is larger than Hillary Clinton. Does that mean Hillary Clinton is less human than Shaq? The term used to describe the destruction of groups of people based on their physical appearance is ethnic cleansing or genocide. But human value transcends physical appearance. Therefore, “not looking right” cannot disqualify a human being from being valuable.


Level of Development – Is a person’s value defined by his abilities, by what he can or can’t do? Do we forfeit our rights as human persons because we don’t have the capabilities others have? Do stronger, more capable, more intelligent people have more rights than others? Do human beings become disposable simply because at their level of development they are helpless, defenseless, and dependent? Human value transcends abilities or the lack of abilities. Therefore, missing abilities cannot disqualify human value.


Environment – Do humans forfeit their worth when they change locations? Baby Rachel was born prematurely at 24 weeks. She weighed only 1 lb. 9 oz., but dropped to just under 1 lb. soon after. She was so small she could rest in the palm of her daddy’s hand. She was a tiny, living, person. Heroic measures were taken to save her life. If a doctor had killed Rachel we would have recoiled in horror. However, if this same little girl was inches away from the outside world, resting inside her mother’s womb, she could be legally killed by abortion. Clearly, one’s environment can’t be the deciding factor. Changing locations is morally trivial. Environment has no bearing on who we are.


Degree of Dependency – Is human value determined by our degree of dependency on others? The unborn’s dependency on his mother for sustenance is irrelevant to the baby’s value. No baby is “viable” if degree of dependency matters. All babies need their mothers for feeding whether via blood (an umbilical cord), breast, or bottle. Human beings may be dependent on others for their survival, but they aren’t dependent on others for their value. All physically dependent people are at risk if degree of dependency determines their value – those dependent on kidney machines, pacemakers, and insulin would have to be declared non-persons. Dependency does not determine worth.



Day 1 – Fertilization! All human chromosomes are present and a unique human life begins.

Day 22 – The baby’s heart begins to beat with the child’s own blood – often a different blood type than the mother.

Week 6 – At this stage, brain waves can be detected. The child’s mouth and lips are present and fingers are forming.

Week 8 – At this stage, every organ is in place. Bones and unique fingerprints begin to form.

Week 17 – The baby can now have dream (REM) sleep.



all these issues seem interlocking (abortion, snowflake babies, human embryos). i have a deep problem with taking these babies (aka embryos) and implanting them in a human being. is that one human being who is crippled more important than the life of the baby that was killed so the cripple could walk? i believe this is something we are not designed to make decisions on. God alone is the creator and decider of life and death. we best not play with fire. 

i’m praying my lil heart out that these clinical trials fail and this crazy immoral injustices to these babies is stopped dead in it’s tracks!

pray with me!


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