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Posted: 01/24/2009 in life

i want some more opinions! 


i’m trying to decide on where i want the house on these 5 acres. i’m kinda thinking the driveway length is the deciding factor. 


how long do i want my drive way?

remember, it’s a gravel road. which gets quite a bit of traffic. 

lmk what you think!

if you could have any length in the world, money wasn’t a problem, gravel maintenance, pavement cost… what would you pick?

ok now, with all those things considered, how many feet long would your driveway be?

change, yes we (i) can!

Posted: 01/24/2009 in life

i’ll seriously stop changing my profile this time. i like this one much better! i liked the concept of the previous one, it just wasn’t quite right. i know, there won’t be one quite right until i design it but i’m trying to stay pacified! bare with me! 🙂